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Summer Gardening tips

With the start of warmer weather underway, the threat of frost recedes. TV gardener Toby Buckland advises on what we should be doing in the garden, to prepare for Summer.

In this video, Toby Buckland looks at the impact of the weather on our gardens at this time of year. He gives useful tips on which flowers and vegetables to grow, optimal watering and how to harden off young plants.

Now is the time to plant out tender plants, such as petunias or begonias, lobelias etc. If your pelargoniums are planted now, you'll be rewarded with a magnificent burst of colour in the next few months. These do well either in a border, a hanging basket or in pots.

For many a summer wouldn't be complete without home-grown tomatoes, potatoes or super-hot chillies. Like the petunias, they come originally from South America and need warmth to thrive. Toby suggests first planting these seedlings under glass, or on a bright window sill.

Gradually introduce them outdoors during the day, but bringing them back in the evening, until they are "hardened off". Correct watering is also important. Dig around your plants and if you find the soil below is dry, ensure they get a good drink to avoid wilting.

For potted plants, if they prove easy to pick up, then water at their base rather than onto their foliage from above.

Check out your local forecast.

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