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Summer fashions trends - go bright!

It's Summer! Apparently anyway. After last year's great summer, this year had a lot to live up to and we were always going to be wondering what it would be like throughout June, July and August.

In the UK we are all used to the temperamental and odd weather. The fact that we didn't have snow this Winter made me wonder whether it had decided to show itself in Summer instead, luckily it hasn't, and we have actually had some sunshine and hot weather already!

I know we have had some rain, and most of the time it has been hot and muggy rather than sunny, however, I am going to keep on hoping that the sun will stay out for longer in the weeks to come.

Anyone who works during the week will understand the frustration of it being nice and sunny during the week, then once the weekend comes, so do the clouds. Mixed summer weather is extremely confusing, it's July so of course we want to dress summery, but it may look slightly odd if we leave the house wearing shorts when the forecast is cloudy and wet!

I find maxi dresses and skirts are the best kind of clothing to wear when it's like this, it keeps you cool when it's hot but then if it does rain you're covered up enough to hopefully avoid looking like a drowned rat.

Fashion trends 2014

I'm sure you've all seen the great trends that are in all the shops this season. Jelly shoes, kimonos, crop tops, maxi dresses with splits and jazzy playsuits and jumpsuits.

The one thing I am looking forward to wearing for a nice hot day are jelly shoes. It makes the 10 year old in me squeal with excitement. I remember owning a nice pair of silver glitter ones and they were probably my favourite pair of shoes ever! Kimonos are also great because you can pretty much wear them with anything, they come in so many different patterns and colours. I currently own at least 15... oops!

Don't be afraid to wear bright and patterned clothing. I like to wear bright clothes in the summer because it makes me feel slightly better about the mixed weather.

The one good thing we can take away from the ever-changing weather is it gives us a good excuse to go shopping! We will obviously need an outfit for each weather type - just so we are prepared of course. New Look, River Island and H&M have some great on-trend pieces in at the moment, and checkout Asos, Missguided & BooHoo for some cool online browsing.

And for good measure.... maybe add a rain coat.


Content provided by Chanelle Bradshaw, a freelance fashion and beauty blogger. Twitter - @chanellelouiseb

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