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Try something new - National Fishing Month

  • 6 August 2014

With  National Fishing Month running from 18 July to 31 August what better way to spend some time outdoors enjoying summer. A chance to learn a new skill and spend some time with family or friends, there are hundreds of events across the country to encourage children and families to give fishing a go. Whether you fancy giving fishing a go at a National Fishing Month event near you, or are already planning a fishing trip, remember to buy  a rod licence.

In this guest blog Paul Lidgett from the Environment Agency explains why he loves fishing and how he has shared this passion with his children, ensuring fishing trips are now regularly part of their summer plans.

"Fishing is perhaps unique in combining so many life-skills - patience and independence, planning and problem-solving, understanding the natural world and, though my kids won't hear of it, learning from others! On top of this spending time outdoors with family has obvious physical and mental health benefits."

Young kids fishing Young kids fishing

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Butterfly summer

  • 30 July 2014

Forests are great places to explore whatever the weather. In this guest blog Martin Summers, Forest Ranger at Forest Holidays, Deerpark in Cornwall, takes a look at some of the butterflies you might see.

One of the joys of summer, here in the forest, is the sight of butterflies flitting through a sunlit glade. And moths, drawn to the lamplight on a summer's evening, hold their own fascination too. Here is a small selection of my favourites, that our guests at Forest Holidays will be out spotting this summer.

Marsh Fritillary - A rare butterfly that has been making a quiet comeback recently in damp marshy areas. I've not spotted them at Deerpark yet, but I'd like to bet that you'll find them down by the loch at Strathyre. Look for a mosaic of vibrant brown, reds and oranges which fade after a few days and leave a shiny appearance.

fhbutterfly fhbutterfly

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Heat and rain to test summer weather lore

  • 16 July 2014

Two pieces of weather lore will be given a test this week. One  around St Swithun's Day is set to fail as it always does whereas the other which suggests a British summer is typified by three fine days and a thunderstorm may well prove true - in sentiment at least, if not to the letter.

Several parts of the UK saw dry weather on St Swithun's Day yesterday. According to the weather lore this means those places should stay dry for forty days and forty nights. That's already gone wrong in many places with outbreaks of rain in the north and west this morning.

Further south and east though the heat and humidity is building and, over the next few days there will be more sunny spells, before heavy thundery showers break out particularly on Saturday. This sequence of weather will give some truth to the 'three fine days and a thunderstorm' saying  and Saturday may well be the hottest day of the year.

Lightning Lightning

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Summer fashions trends - go bright!

  • 7 July 2014

It's Summer! Apparently anyway. After last year's great summer, this year had a lot to live up to and we were always going to be wondering what it would be like throughout June, July and August.

In the UK we are all used to the temperamental and odd weather. The fact that we didn't have snow this Winter made me wonder whether it had decided to show itself in Summer instead, luckily it hasn't, and we have actually had some sunshine and hot weather already!

I know we have had some rain, and most of the time it has been hot and muggy rather than sunny, however, I am going to keep on hoping that the sun will stay out for longer in the weeks to come.

Anyone who works during the week will understand the frustration of it being nice and sunny during the week, then once the weekend comes, so do the clouds. Mixed summer weather is extremely confusing, it's July so of course we want to dress summery, but it may look slightly odd if we leave the house wearing shorts when the forecast is cloudy and wet!

I find maxi dresses and skirts are the best kind of clothing to wear when it's like this, it keeps you cool when it's hot but then if it does rain you're covered up enough to hopefully avoid looking like a drowned rat.

Fashion trends 2014

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Warwick castle - banning boredom this summer!

  • 30 June 2014

Warwick Castle has banned boredom this summer - and even offers guests the opportunity to stay overnight if they can't tear themselves away! There is even a rainy day guarantee if the Great British weather misbehaves.

The Castle's famous jousting knights return on Saturday 19 July to mark the site's 1,100th anniversary with two daredevil daily shows - until Sunday 31 August. They join swordsmen showing off their skills; characters in five Horrible Histories® Foul Fayres determined to make the most of the grim and gory aspects of British history. Rosie the Andean Condor, vast vultures and soaring eagles in the twice daily Flight of the Eagles; and the Trebuchet Fireball Spectacular which brings the heat of battle to the banks of the Rive Avon with 30-feet high jets of flame.

Warwick Castle

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