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The summer months mean extra opportunities for entertaining.

Even in the wettest of summers, there will be chances to sit around a table in the garden or layout a picnic in the park. Longer spells of warm sunny weather mean we can plan something bigger, perhaps friends for a BBQ or a foodie trip to the seaside.

But when it's raining we can still think about summer entertainment. If everyone ends up indoors we've got ideas to make sure our menus have a summer theme.

Let's not forget that entertainment's not just about eating and drinking with friends. After all, one of the challenges of summer is entertaining the children over the holidays.

Finally, how about the different types of entertainment venues. Britain's cinemas and open-air theatres are open for business whatever weather summer throws at us.

Seasonal cooking

Gelf Alderson, Senior sous chef at River Cottage gives his top tip for summer seasonal cooking.

River Cottage - Gelfs top tip for cooking in season


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