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In mixed weather entertaining it's great to have a transitional space between outside and inside, and a dry or drained area underfoot. Large conservatories and outside decking are great for this, and a more affordable quick-fix option is a gazebo. It gives good cover outside and a relatively affordable way to extend your garden options.

Many pubs have gardens that are partly covered, or have undercover seating, and they can make a fine venue for an informal party or get-together meal. Going a little more upmarket, most major sporting venues offer private boxes or restaurants with great views of the action.

In summer, horse racing and motorsport are popular weekend venues for parties. Increasingly, the sporting action is followed by live music. Stadiums and racetracks can be an affordable way to see acts that would cost much more at musical venues.

On another scale, if you want to entertain a larger group at home or in a hired space, a marquee can be ideal. They can be freestanding or adjoining a building via a tunnel, so guests stay dry even in heavy rainfall.


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