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Entertain on a sunny day

When the sun's high, why not invite your loved ones for al fresco fun.

It's the kind of weather so many of us look forward to, and relish when it finally arrives. To make the most of it, you may decide to entertain your friends and family outside. Barbeques are a possibility, but there are plenty of other interesting things to do with outdoor food.

Most supermarkets now produce a magazine; these usually come out monthly, so they're in season and often good for finding recipes that use the fresh ingredients you'll find in the shop. You could use one to help inspire you to create a special garden dinner or picnic with a difference. It's a great way to permanently expand your regular repertoire and add completely new skills, like bread-making, that can change your sandwiches forever.

Open-air cinema is really growing in popularity. Now it can happen in almost any location, from the impressive courtyard at Somerset House on the Strand to a pop-up screen in the middle of a Yorkshire forest.

Alfresco dining


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