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As millions of visitors every year prove, our "precious stone set in the silver sea" is a great place to explore in summer.

With national parks and campsites spread across the country, and almost every kind of landscape you can imagine, Britain is a natural beauty that can be explored by train, car, motorcycle, balloon, bicycle, boat or on foot.

You may be one of the thousands who love to spend a few nights of the year - whether in the wild, on a campsite or at a festival - in a tent. Large family tents, as well as yurts, add another dimension to the potential luxuries of life under fabric.

Camping and cycling make a great combination for exploring the countryside, and don't forget horseback exploration. The country looks different from up there, and you can go to places few vehicles can manage. Punting on rivers or boating on canals also gives you a unique view of our famous university and industrial centres.

Our castles and cathedrals are usually surrounded by pleasant or interesting grounds, and are naturally cool places to take refuge while exploring. Heritage sites are also full of fabulous gardens that provide plenty of intermittent shade to help you keep cool while you explore.

Warwick Castle


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