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Inside or out, there's heritage as far as the eye can see.

One of our proud joys is the amount of culture and heritage that's freely available in the UK. The country is full of art galleries and museums that cost nothing to enter, despite containing many of the nation's real treasures.

Most major cities contain at least one free art gallery with world-class collections. And even if the visiting exhibitions have to pay their way by charging a fee, you can stroll into most of the permanent offerings whenever the fancy takes you. There are also sculpture parks that combine some walking with the discovery of well placed works of art.

Museums, too, tend to be free, and that includes regional examples as well as the great London museums. Many have undergone extensive and expensive refurbishment in recent years, and they aim to be interactive where possible. Most now appeal to a very wide age range, and offer a great way to entertain the family when the weather is uncertain.

Zoos combine a mixture of indoor and outdoor spaces, depending on the species, and there's usually a café, too. So when the sun comes out, you can watch the birds and monkeys; when it rains, head for the reptile house.


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