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Photography in cloudy conditions

Tips for taking great pictures when its cloudy

Cloudy conditions can sometimes be more uninspiring than rain. A white sky can look pretty awful when you're trying to catch nice pictures of the town, beach, or person.

Generally I try to change my viewpoint to take in less of the sky if you are cursed with a white one. But cloud conditions can be both breathtaking and wondrous in formation, and there are some little tricks you can use to force clouds to look more exciting than they are.

Also remember that a cloudy day sometimes makes for a stunning sunset. If the sun burns through at the end of a day it will light up the clouds and put a smile on your face as well as a good photo in your camera.

In terms of the clouds themselves, using the Met Office forecast will help you up to a certain extent. Useful tools in your camera armoury for clouds would be a filter or two, like a neutral density graduation filter or/and a polarizing filter.

Tim Pestridge - cloudy video

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