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There's nothing like crisp, bright weather to get you up and about.

Clear, bright weather can often bring the best views of the landscape. Ramblers and hill-walkers will know that reaching the high ground on a sunny, breezy, dry day, when visibility is at its maximum, can reward you with breathtaking panoramas. With some snacks, a bottle of water, sun lotion and a windproof layer, the wilder world is yours to explore.

Over the past decade or so, Britain in summer has become a land of festivals. From the enormous (Glastonbury Festival) to the modest (Wiston Steam Rally), most festivals have a broad family appeal. There are festivals of music, food, film, books, science, wine, kites, theatre and oysters, to name but a few. If you can do it in a field or the grounds of a stately home, chances are there's a festival for it this summer.

Most festivals take place at ground level, but there's also plenty to see in the sky. Britain hosts almost 100 airshows each year, between April and October, (although the majority take place in June, July and August). With a combination of historic and modern aeroplanes, and aerobatic displays, there's plenty for the flyers in all of us.

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