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Photography in wet conditions

Tips for taking great pictures when its raining

Although most of us will look on a wet day as a no-go for photography, there are some really nice moments to be captured on a rainy day - particularly if you're near a town or city. Even if you are on holiday and can't escape the British weather, or at a loose end and want to do some creative photography, grab your best coat, smile, and head out into the rain.

First off it's no good attempting to photograph in the rain if you are getting soaked. Get yourself under cover, or find some shelter ideally which acts as an advantage point for you. Street photography can be very satisfying if you've got a comfy spot that's dry and everyone else is out in the rain.

People generally walk quicker in the rain, so you can have some fun setting your camera to its shutter priority mode, and experiment with a shutter speed around 1/30 of a second as a guide. This way, if you pan (keep the camera moving at same direction and speed as person walking), following someone walking, you should be able, with practice, to get them sharply in focus, while the background the rain and puddles are all blurry. Nice.

If you have a position where you can photograph people looking out of a wet window, it can look great to photograph their expression through raindrops running down the window.

I had a challenge to photograph kids in the rain for a clothing company, so we took out some a huge golf umbrella into a nearby park, and just let the kids play under them, and got some great results.

Both children and adults have a fascination with puddles, so why not photograph either people splashing in and out of them? Or, if you're feeling daring, get your camera up close to the water and try capturing some raindrops using your camera's sports mode, or a very fast shutter speed.

Reflections in water can make for a very cool photo indeed. Buildings lit up at night will reflect in water, and you will have probably seen photos of cars where the art director or photographer has positioned it near water to reflect the vehicle. So water can be your friend!

A new friend in the rain comes in the form of these new, inexpensive waterproof cases for phones and small cameras. iPad 2 and tablets can benefit from waterproof cases, I got some stupid shots taken on holiday in the swimming pool of my kids swimming. Do bear in mind though you'll need to test your case first in the bath at home. Fill it with tissue paper or toilet roll to see if you got it sealed properly. I remember getting some very funny looks from the people around me at the swimming pool when I dropped into the water with the iPad in its case!

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Photography tips rainy weather

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