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If you've spent the spring and early summer slaving over your lawn and borders, decking and patio furniture, you may want to reap the rewards now the sun is up. A big umbrella for your deck chair and a small one - if that's your preference - for the long, iced drink at your side.

For those without a garden, a beer garden or the local park could be the perfect destination. At a park, where there's room to spread out a big rug, you could pack a hamper and a cool box, and bring your family and friends, children and pets. Or just a good, not-too-taxing book, some sun lotion and a broad-brimmed hat.

The lido - originally a 1930s breed of outdoor municipal swimming pool - has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, giving a lucky few the chance to splash in cool water while you're at the park.

Summer brings relaxing, high-quality entertainment to many of Britain's public spaces. Whether that means the full music festival experience or just a picnic afternoon listening to a classical concert in the grounds of a castle or stately home, there are few more relaxing ways to enjoy the best of summer.



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