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Relax on a sunny day

Lazing on a sunny afternoon.

A sheltered, well-kept (and, if you're lucky, south-facing) garden is a joy when you want to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Even if there are jobs to do outside, it feels good to get a dose of the brilliant summer rays, and it may be warm enough to dine outside. Food seems to take on different flavours when consumed al fresco, and somehow it's easier to eat healthily when you're sitting amid the vegetation.

You won't need to make a big spread, just put some simple picnic ingredients together on a tray - the sort of things people can help themselves to - and take it into the garden or to the park with a good choice of drinks.

Wherever you live in Britain, you're not far from an attractive place. For a relaxing day out, though, you need to be able to meander, stopping whenever you feel like it. Coastal towns with their fishing fleets, winding streets, quirky buildings and sea views are ideal, provided not too many others have had the same idea.

For the same reasons, and also the big skies that bless the coast, they're also popular subjects for photographers, painters and sculptors, both amateur and professional.

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