On a Windy day

What do you want to do?

Relax on a windy day

Turn the wind into a backing track and relax while the world goes wild.

Few people find the wind relaxing. In fact, it winds them up. Car drivers get impatient, cats fly indoors with enormous tails and horses go slightly berserk. If you want to relax, better stay indoors. That is, once you've put your washing out. A warm wind, which what you should experience this time of year, will dry your laundry very quickly and thoroughly.

Many people love the sound of the wind. Sitting inside sewing, knitting or indulging in a craft or artistic pursuit can be very therapeutic when you're warm and comfortable but the wind is howling outside. Wind chimes in the garden add character to the weather's sounds, and act as a telltale of the wind's strength.

For young children, the sound of the wind can be the perfect backdrop to storytelling or puppet shows. You could encourage older children to write a poem about the wind, paint a picture, find images of the day's weather online or discover more about the world's winds.

Or you could just settle down in the window seat of your favourite café and watch the wind play with the world outside.

Here are some ideas for relaxing on a windy day


It's perfect weather to wrap up warm, travel to the coast and experience some sailing. Whether it is day trips, half day trips, or maybe even a little longer, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and maybe even see some local wildlife.

Forest walks

Various walks can be found in the sheltered woodlands and forests that stretch across the UK. Some walks recommended by the Forestry Commission include, Bedgebury Forest and Pinetum on the Kent/Sussex border, Delamere Forest in Cheshire and Wild Ennerdale in West Cumbria.


By using a windbreak, even the windiest of weather doesn't have to stop you from enjoying a summer's day at the beach.

Walled gardens

Escape the windy weather by visiting one of a number of walled gardens in the country. Relax and be inspired by the aromatic scents and beautiful flowers that fill the grounds. Find the nearest walled garden to you by looking at the Walled Kitchen Gardens Network.

Eden Project/botanical gardens

A visit to the  Eden Project or various botanical gardens is a must for any budding gardener. You can enjoy the variety of sub-tropical, tropical and Mediterranean plant species in a relaxed and warm environment.


On a windy day simply staying at home may sound perfect to you. You can wrap up and potter about in the garden, while taking regular shelter indoors with a warm drink.

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