All sorts of weather

What might be the last big storm of the current spell will be crossing the UK early this weekend. It's going to bring heavy rain, high winds and some snow in different areas. With a risk of frost and ice to follow over the rest of the weekend it looks like the country will be experiencing the full mix of winter weather. The strongest winds are expected later on Friday and Friday night with winds of 60 to 70 miles per hour over some southern areas. Gusts nearer 80 miles per hour are possible near English Channel coasts, where some big waves are likely again.

Heavy squally showers are likely on Friday night and Saturday, but as these tend to die down frost and ice will become a problem in places by Sunday morning.

Finally there's a real risk of  snow over some of the hills and mountains of Northern Britain.

Below is an image of the storm as it moves towards the UK on Friday.

Storm 14 Feb

The Met Office has issued several National Severe Weather Warnings for the next few days due to the possibility of rain, snow and damaging winds. The public are advised to stay up to date with these warnings and the latest details from our forecast during this time of particularly unsettled weather. Into next week though the weather will become less stormy in most places. It won't be completely dry but in the worst affected areas it won't be as windy or as wet as recently.

What to do in severe wind.

Infographic - What to do in severe wind

What to do in ice.

What to do in severe ice - infographic What to do in severe ice - infographic

What to do in snow.

What to do in severe snow - infographic