Building resilience to extreme weather

The recent weather highlights the need for us all to be prepared for extreme weather events and to minimise the adverse impacts that they have on us as individuals, on our local communities and on the country as a whole.

There is a significant amount of support available to help organisations, businesses, communities and individuals identify their vulnerability and make informed decisions in order to adapt accordingly.   Climate SouthWest is a partnership of stakeholders who recognise how vital adaptation is for the southwest region's overall resilience and can provide this support. The partnership provides advice and training; hosts information events and circulates resources (latest science reports, assessments, policies, guidance) and develops case studies and tools (such as the Business resilience health check ; a user-friendly assessment that produces a personalised action plan).

From checking insurance to knowing the vulnerability of supply chains, from ensuring good health in a heat wave to awareness of flood risk or knowing what building materials are more resilient; there are many measures that you can take to be prepared. Some actions you may have already acted upon but some may have not even crossed your mind. Don't risk leaving it until it's too late, visit  Climate SouthWest for further information, email or follow @ClimateSW on twitter.

Climate SouthWest is one of 12 regional partnerships that work together to provide a coordinated approach to building resilience under Climate UK, find which partnership supports your region.

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