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Winter preparedness

Today sees the Get Ready for Winter campaign go live. Working with partners in the Cabinet Office, across Government and in the voluntary sector, these pages will offer a range of advice to help you prepare for winter and take action when severe weather is forecast.

This weekend the forecast is for severe weather, particularly in the South on Sunday night into Monday morning. Damaging winds are possible and the public are advised to keep up to date with the latest Met Office warnings and forecasts either via our website or our media partners.

Travel tips and advice

In very high winds travel is likely to be difficult. The Highways Agency (HA) say "Though high-sided vehicles are particularly affected by windy weather, strong winds can also blow other vehicles off course. This can happen on open stretches of road exposed to strong crosswinds, or when passing bridges, high-sided vehicles or gaps in trees."

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) add "You should only make journeys that are necessary, so before setting off, check the weather forecast for the latest conditions. If you do have to drive, allow extra time for your journey and only drive at a speed that is suitable to road traffic and weather conditions."

Both the  Highways Agency and  DSA have advice on driving in bad weather on their websites.

Further information from the Official Highway Code for driving in windy weather.

More general advice on what to do in severe weather and what the severe warnings mean is available on the Met Office website along with more specific advice about severe gales.

Severe wind

Infographic - What to do in severe wind

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