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Some stormy weather but will it snow between times?

Take care - there's a lot of weather this Christmas week.

Christmas week is likely to see a full mix of wintry weather. With many people travelling around the country over the next few days make sure you check the weather forecast and travel information before setting out.

To start the week heavy rain and high winds are likely to be the biggest problem and the wet and windy weather looks set to return again at the end of the week. Between times on Christmas Day and Boxing Day some quieter weather is likely but there is still a chance of snow, and therefore a white Christmas, over high ground in some places. For most though, a green Christmas is more likely.

Weather forecasts and warnings

With such a changing week of weather, stay up to date by checking our weather forecast and warnings every day. These are available on our website and via mobile apps and are updated regularly through the day. You can find forecasts for the area where you live or somewhere you might be travelling to. And when weather warnings are issued there is advice on what to do to stay safe. You might also want to check our events pages which help you find forecasts for specific events, such as this week's top rugby matches.


Heavy rain and high winds are set to cause travel problems on Monday and Tuesday, in the south and west at first and the north later. All the transport agencies and operators will be working hard to get people where they want to be for Christmas but you can help them by checking travel advice and information before you leave.

On the roads, the Highways Agency, Traffic Scotland, Traffic Wales and Trafficwatch NI will provide all the information you need. If you are travelling by rail check out National Rail and if you are booked on a flight or ferry look at the individual operators' information before setting out.

White Christmas?

Away from the stress and strain of travel problems and, for some, the Christmas shopping, there's also the more romantic annual question of whether it will be a white Christmas. Defined as a single flake of snow falling during the 24 hours of Christmas Day, it's a possibility over high ground in some places this year. As one spell of stormy weather moves away on Christmas Eve it will turn a bit colder before more wet and windy weather returns at the end of the week.

The weather forecast pages will again give the best indication of where snow might fall on Christmas Day and you might also like to browse our snowy Christmas facts and figures on our infographic.

Your community

Finally, remember it's not just very cold weather that can have a big impact on the lives of vulnerable people. High winds and heavy rain can cause problems which some people will struggle to cope with. At this time of year in particular, spare a thought for those living around you. Check with your vulnerable neighbours to make sure they are OK during severe weather. There is more advice in the 'Help communities' section of these web pages.

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