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Be prepared! More rain likely as New Year approaches.

The current disturbed weather will be continuing for a while longer. More very wet and windy weather is likely in the run-up to New Year and over the holiday period. While the individual spells of severe weather won't be quite as bad as the storms before Christmas, more rain falling on wet ground raises the spectre of flooding again for some places.

Weather warnings and forecasts

Check the forecasts daily, especially if you are travelling. These are updated regularly and are available on the Met Office website or mobile apps. Severe weather warnings are also issued when significant impacts from wind, rain, snow, ice or fog are likely in any part of the country.

Flood warnings

More rain is likely between now and the New Year. Some of it will be heavy in places meaning a further risk of flooding. If you are visiting another area over the New Year keep an eye on flood warnings, not just for your destination but for your home or business too. You may need to take action there before you leave. Flood warnings are available from the Environment Agency (for England and Wales) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. In Northern Ireland flood advice is available on the nidirect website. 

Public Health England, supported by the Environment Agency and the Food Standards Authority has a  factsheet with helpful advice about many of the impacts of flooding.

Travel advice

Transport agencies and operators are continuing to work hard to keep you moving, sometimes in very difficult circumstances. As before Christmas, you can help them by checking travel advice and information before you leave.

On the roads, the Highways Agency, Traffic Scotland, Traffic Wales and Trafficwatch NI will provide all the information you need. If you are travelling by rail check out National Rail and if you are booked on a flight or ferry look at the individual operators' information before setting out.

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