Protect your home from flooding

Preparing for a flood could save your family, possessions and livelihood.

One in 6 properties in England is at risk of flooding. This is only going to increase with a changing climate. Many people think that flooding will never happen to them - but it could.

Plan in advance

There are simple things you can do now to help reduce the impact of flooding on your home.

Start by checking your risk from:

You can also get the flooding history of the land around a property. This is a free service unless it's for a business or takes more than 18 hours to complete.

If available for your neighbourhood, sign up for free flood warning messagesfrom the Environment Agency to receive phone, text or email messages about when flooding is expected.

Create a personal flood plan and prepare an emergency kit. The British Red Cross provides suggestions on what might be useful to include. When preparing your plan, check your home insurance covers your home and your belongings in the case of a flood.

You should consider installing flood products. Visit the National Flood Forum for advice or an independent directory of flood products.

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