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Frequently Asked Questions - NSWWS Registration

How many people from one organisation can register to receive Warnings and Alerts?

Provided you work for (and your email address belongs to) an organisation which is designated as a Category 1 or Category 2 responder under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, you can sign up to receive NSWWS Warnings and Alerts. Previously, registrations were co-ordinated by a single representative from each organisation, with a strict limit to the number of email addresses registered to receive the Warnings. The system was updated in 2012 and people are now asked to register as individuals, rather than through an organisation. There is no longer any limit to the number of people from one organisation who can register.

Where it asks me to tick the box to 'Receive alerts' - what Alerts am I signing up for?

If you click the 'Receive alerts' box, any Severe Weather Warnings or Alerts in which the tick on the impact matrix is in either the medium or high impact column will be sent to the delivery points you have set up provided that:

  1. it is valid for at least one of the Local Authority that you will have selected.
  2. You have at least one email or fax address delivery point set up.

How many delivery points can I register to receive Warning and Alerts?

When registering to receive warnings and alerts it is possible to select up to five delivery points, which can include up to 3 email addresses, 1 SMS* number and 1 fax number. When selecting an email address, you can choose whether to receive it as either a PDF or plain text. You can add a delivery point by clicking on the 'Add a delivery point' button.

*Short Messaging Service otherwise known as a Text Message.

Can I set an SMS number as my only delivery point where warnings and alerts are to be sent?

No. Your delivery points must include at least one email address or a fax number.

What Warnings or Alerts will be sent through to me?

Only Warnings and Alerts where the tick on the impact matrix is in the medium or high impact column will be sent to you - and only then if it covers at least one of the Local Authorities you have selected.

Can I sign up to receive only the Warnings and Alerts that cover my area?

Yes. If you only wish to receive Warnings or Alerts for a limited number of Local Authorities, you can 'Select a Region' from the drop down menu. Then, move the required authorities to the right hand box using the single right arrow. Using the 'double arrow' provides the option to transfer all Local Authorities within the region. You can also opt to receive warnings for the whole UK by ticking the box between 'Local Authorities' and 'All'.

I thought I had set up my delivery points but when I logged back in, none were selected.

The most likely reason for this is that, after setting up your delivery points, the 'Save' button was not pressed.

I am having difficulties in setting up my delivery points. Where can I get assistance?

For further assistance please call the Met Office Help Desk on 0370 900 0100 or 01392 885680.

I don't understand how the National Severe Weather Warning Service works. Where can I find more information?

More Guidance on Warnings and Alerts can be found on the Weather warnings guide.

Last updated: Oct 7, 2016 12:00 PM