Patient survey

Find out what people currently using Healthy Outlook® think of the service

In Winter 2008/9 more than 21,000 people with COPD used the Healthy Outlook® service. We asked an independent market research company to conduct a survey to find out what people thought of the service. More than 7,650 people responded from 30 Primary Care Trusts. The responses are detailed below.

Graphic of Healthy Outlook® patient survey results

  • 96% strongly agreed/agreed that the patient pack was easy to understand

  • 85% strongly agreed/agreed that after reading the booklet they understood more about their COPD

  • 43% strongly agreed/agreed that the booklet provided information that their GP surgery had not told them

  • 82% strongly agreed/agreed that they felt reassured by the calls

  • 87% strongly agreed/agreed the service increased their understanding of how the weather affected their health

  • 77% strongly agreed/agreed the service helps manage their COPD better

  • 89% strongly agreed/agreed they would like to receive the service next winter

The service encouraged a change in behaviour:

  • 81% said they check they have enough medication.

  • 76% ensure they wear warm clothing when going out.

  • 69% monitor the temperature in their home more closely.

  • 66% avoid unnecessary trips outdoors.

Last updated: 18 September 2012