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Africa is the second largest and the second most populated continent in the world. It covers approximately 6 percent of the surface of the earth and is home to in excess of one billion people.

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Rich in resources, Africa's industry mainly consists of agriculture where crops are exported to the west, the export of petroleum and natural gases, and mining and drilling. The climate regions of Africa vary from Mediterranean in the far north and south, to tropical and dessert climate types. Snow occurs in the Atlas Mountains, inland parts of South Africa and across the peak of Kilimanjaro.

Flying into one of the main countries is recommended and you can then take a flight on a national airline to your destination country. Once there, travelling around Africa is best done in your own vehicle. Both cars and motorbikes can easily be bought from dealerships or other travellers. If driving is not for you then consider using a riverboat or ferry to get you to your destination. Local transport is also an option with a variety of buses depending on class or taxis available. Going by train is a great way to get around Africa as you have the chance to take in all the sights and it is also one of the safest modes of transport.

Africa is also known for its numerous cultural, religious and music festivals occurring across its countries. Visit Kenya in August and you will find the International Camel Derby and Festival. Visitors have the chance to watch both amateur and professional races and there is even the opportunity to hire camels and compete yourself. The Mombasa Carnival in November sees a variety of floats representing many cultures. There are guaranteed to be some amazing costumes and brilliant music.

Football is probably the most popular sport played in Africa although cricket and netball are also widely played. The largest stadium in Africa is the First National Bank Stadium in South Africa which is home to Kaizer Chiefs Football Club. It is not just sport that is played here, well known bands have too such as U2, Coldplay and Bon Jovi.

Africa offers a range of unique activities from safaris, trekking and cycling. If you are heading to North Africa then there are the historical cities of Marrakech, in the east you will find the Masai Mara and the Serengeti, southern Africa gives you the chance to dive with sharks and the west offers you trekking up Mount Cameroon.

The following pages offer climate and tourist information covering popular holiday destinations across Africa:

Last updated: 12 February 2016