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The country of Thailand is situated in south east Asia. It is famous of the wide range of cuisine it has to offer, as well as its tropical islands. The history of Thailand can be traced back to around 40,000 years ago. Today nearly 70 million people live there.

The main exports from Thailand are considered to be rice, material and shoes, jewellery, vehicles, computers and electrical appliances. The country is one of the world's most popular travel destinations so the tourism industry is greatly relied upon.

There are more than one hundred airports within Thailand providing international and local flights. The main form of transport used is the bus, which tends to be used most when it comes to long distance travel. The motorbike is generally used for short journeys. In Bangkok, which is capital of Thailand, there is no shortage of taxis. A train service also operates here to help you reach your destination. Motorways have improved with a network stretching across Thailand; causing a rise in car owners. Anywhere that there is a waterway means that there may also be a boat service in operation.

Thailand Internation Balloon FestivalThailand is home to several festivals whether they are religious or cultural, which happen each month throughout the year.

The Thailand International Balloon Festival is particularly well known, with the venue being in a different location each year, this means that every year there is a different theme. This is a favourite with visitors as they watch the different style balloons take to the sky.

The Chinese New Year Festival held in Bangkok is not to be missed with dragon parades, lion dances and colourful Chinese costumes - visitors are invited to participate, just be sure to dress up.

The national sport of Thailand is Muay Thai which is a form of kick boxing. As well as native sports like Sepak takraw which is similar in style to volleyball, and Takraw which is played using a rattan ball that only certain areas of the body can touch - Rugby is increasingly becoming more popular along with basketball. Thailand is actually known as the 'Golf Capital of Asia' due to its popularity with golfers that travel from across the world just to play here.

There are many attractions which include the Elephant Nature Park, the Grand Palace in Bangkok and the countless beautiful beaches.

The following pages offer climate and tourist information covering popular holiday destinations in Thailand:

Last updated: 2 February 2014

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