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One of the largest and wealthiest countries in the world, Australia is extremely varied and has such a diverse culture comprising sculpture, arts and sporting activities.

The first recorded British settlement was in the late 18th century; before this time Australia was inhabited by Aboriginal tribes. The Aborigines were the ancestors of the Australian continent, primarily living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. In the later 1940s, Australia saw a heavy migration from Europe, as residents from Greece, Italy and Germany migrated in response to Australia's heavy immigration focus.

The Australian residents of today are renowned for their strong sense of hospitality and are extremely welcoming to migrants and tourists alike. The country is filled with people from many different cultures, and Australian natives encourage people to stay true to their customs and beliefs. As the country is so multi-cultural, it is not surprising that there is so much to learn from Australian etiquette.

Given Australia's huge size, it is advisable to go well-equipped with tourist information - especially when visiting with the intention to go travelling cross-country. This beautiful country is home to ancient rainforests and jungles, and Australia has many World Heritage-listed areas such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Australia landing page_beachAlice Springs is one of Australia's most famous outback towns. The landscape is primarily made up of a red sand desert. Tourists visit this region of Australia for its amazing views and untouched landscape. A popular place to visit is the MacDonnell Ranges, compromising of fantastic mountain trails and waterholes.

Famed for its weather, Australia generally speaking is pleasant all year round. Interestingly, the entire continent is one of the driest on Earth, with an average annual rainfall of just 600 millimetres. Sydney, in New South Wales, provides an example of Australia's excellent weather temperament - the city sees an average of 340 sunny days per year.

The best time to visit Sydney is in Australia's summer (during the UK's winter). At this time the city is alive with excitement; Sydney Festival represents one of the best visual art festivals in the world. The festival spans from the 9th to the 27th of January and is filled with incredible performing arts and installations.

With over 50,000km of coastline, Australia is of course home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The East Coast compromises more touristy beaches, while the western coastline is much less populated. With so many picturesque beaches on offer, there is always somewhere to satisfy the needs of any visitor.

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Last updated: 5 August 2014

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