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Located on the southernmost region of Mainland Portugal, Algarve is a popular destination for tourists looking for a Mediterranean climate.

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Not only does this beautiful region have more sunshine per year than California, but it is also a hub for tourists wanting to experience its fantastic food related culture - the Algarve is renowned for the local seafood and fruit which are economically important to the growth of the region. It's not surprising that the Algarve is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal.

The Algarve's sunny shores date back thousands of years, and have seen vast development since its 12th century routes. The coast is now scattered with mountain ranges and terracotta rooftops; and while travelling around this beautiful region, tourists are greeted with an array of 15th century architecture - the buildings are typically lavish with high ceilings and wide archways.

The region is bustling with some 10 million visitors per year, and still manages to preserve its relaxed, homely feel - with visitors looking for more secluded stays in nearby Sagres. This tranquil town has a mix of picturesque views and beautiful beaches; and is still a relatively untouched part of Algarve. Algarve city wall Algarve city wall Due to its shore side location, many travellers expect this town to be a wind trap, but surprisingly the landscape is quite sheltered, with typically mild weather throughout the year. Sagres is popular amongst visitors all year round, especially those looking for water based activities -the Sagres Ocean provides perfect conditions for surfing and fishing because of the western Atlantic waters.

Although Algarve is not solely known for its laid-back beach life, it is also equally as appealing for those looking for an upbeat entertainment and nightlife - Lagos is the energetic part of the region. The historically rich town is home to many tourist-friendly bars and restaurants which sit alongside architecture dating back 2000 years. The vibrant centre of the town has lots going on, with tourists flocking to visit the square which is filled with all kinds of entertainment throughout the year. The sweeping sandy beaches of Lagos Bay provide for some incredible views in any season.

Last updated: 14 March 2014

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