1948 Olympic weather

Weather conditions at the 1948 London Olympic Games.

The Olympics were last held in the UK in 1948, the first time the Games took place after the second world war. The majority of the events took place in and around the London area, but the sailing events were held in Torquay.

As we would expect for July and August in England, there was a mixture of warm sunny periods and cooler, duller and sometimes wet weather.

The Games began with a few days of very warm, dry settled weather with temperatures reaching a high of 32.8 °C. Night time temperatures were as high as 18.9 °C and did not fall below 16.1 °C. This didn't last though, day time temperatures cooled to between 17 °C and 22 °C degrees for the rest of the Games, and there was also some heavy rainfall. Although some days there was no rain at all, one day saw a rainfall total of 40.4 mm.

1948 Olympic weather 1948 Olympic weather

Last updated: 18 April 2016

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