Mountain Weather Improvements

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Met Office Invent

Met Office Invent will showcase some of our future plans for presenting web-based weather forecasts, products and information. It will allow you to become involved in the formation of new weather and climate change products, services or forecasts, by providing feedback on these new developments.

This content is a BETA version and is being continuously developed so things might not always work as expected. Met Office Invent should not be used to make operational or personal decisions. For up-to-date forecasts you should visit the UK forecast.

Mountain Weather Forecasts

Our mountain weather content is being refreshed. The designs below are static images and therefore illustrate what this new content might look like. Please give us your feedback using the feedback form below. For up-to-date forecasts you should visit the mountain area forecast.

Mountain Weather landing page Mountain Weather landing page

Mountain weather overview Mountain weather overview

Mountain weather warnings Mountain weather warnings

Invent Feedback Form

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    1. Please note that in its current beta form, the NLG text enhanced forecast extend to three days only. This will be extended to five days in the next beta release. With this in mind, what do you think of NLG text enhanced weather forecasts? Please complete the questionnaire below.
    2. Are you a business user of weather forecasts? (i.e. do you use the weather forecast to make decisions about your business activities?) *
    3. Did you find the text on the weather forecast page helped you to understand the forecast better? *
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Last updated: 29 August 2013