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"Good morning. There have been confirmed reports of an eruption of FitzRoy's Peak within the last 10 minutes. Witnesses in the area are reporting a large plume of ash rising 5 kilometres from the summit.

The Centre for Emergency Situations is meeting now to consider the danger to citizens living in the foothills of the mountain, as well as to those in the nation's capital, FitzRoy, and to co-ordinate potential wider evacuation efforts, although TV News is already receiving reports of people beginning to flee the area surrounding FitzRoy's Peak.

We have just received news that the National Aviation Authority are holding an emergency meeting to decide whether to ground all flights from Green Island Airport, a move which could leave thousands of passengers stranded.

FitzRoy's Peak was thought to be dormant by geologists and therefore not deemed a threat to local inhabitants. There are almost 1.6 million people living on Green Island but with only two main seaports serving the island and one airport, local authorities are on standby for any evacuation efforts. We will keep you updated with these dramatic scenes as the situation unfolds.

This is Anna Mometer, reporting for TV News."

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Last updated: 14 March 2013

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