It's all over

It's now a week after the first eruption and FitzRoy's Peak did erupt again. As forecast, the weather changed meaning that the ash cloud blew over the capital and closed both the airport and the sea port at Hirst-On-Sea.

However, thanks to your advice, the Centre for Emergency Situations had prepared to evacuate FitzRoy if needed and many people safely left the island by boat from Eddystone.

For now, the eruptions seem to be over and FitzRoy's Peak is quiet again.

The people of Green Island are very grateful for your help!


And now, here's the answers for the worksheet;

eVACuate answer sheet eVACuate answer sheet (PDF, 2 MB)

Check out this page for more information about the Met Office's  Volcanic ash forecasting

Last updated: 18 April 2016

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