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"Good evening. The Centre for Emergency Situations has lowered the Volcanic Alert Level for Green Island. The initial eruption of FitzRoy's Peak has seemingly ended and the cloud is clearing, being blown to the north west of the island, out to sea.

For now, residents of FitzRoy who had prepared for possible evacuation can remain in their homes, although there was severe disruption to those living in Alexandria Heights and West Hadley, both in the evacuation zone.

However, experts are warning that the eruption of FitzRoy's Peak may not be over and they are informing residents of Green Island that there could be further eruptions over the coming days. There are concerns that such eruptions could lead to more widespread disruption as weather forecasts suggest that a change in the wind direction could blow ash towards the north east, possibly affecting the capital FitzRoy, the island's airport and Hirst-on-Sea, one of the major sea ports.

Please stay tuned for updates.

This is Anna Mometer, reporting for TV News."

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Last updated: 14 March 2013

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