Using satellites to help create weather forecasts

Satellite measurements are a vital and integral part of the current global observing system that directly affects the skill of the forecasts we produce.

How the Met Office uses satellites

We are constantly improving the way we use established satellite observations and preparing for the use of new measurements from space.

We are engaged in:

  • assimilating a wide range of satellite data into NWP computer models;
  • producing new imagery products for forecasters, such as fog coverage, cloud top height and precipitation;
  • creating environmental products, such as volcanic ash monitoring;
  • generating products for climate monitoring, such as sea-surface temperature;
  • leading the EUMETSATNWP Satellite Application Facility;
  • providing advice, to the space agencies, on our requirements for future weather satellites.

Met Office Space Programme

Space Meteorology

Our in-depth satellite research

Last updated: 16 June 2016

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The importance of satellite imagery in forecasting
Chief Forecaster Paul Gunderson explains why satellite imagery is important when producing weather forecasts.