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Jenny Gunn MBE talks weather and cricket

Jenny Gunn MBE, England and Nottinghamshire cricketer, has written a guest blog for the Met Office about how the weather impacts cricket and how she and her team mates prepare for matches in different weather conditions.

'As a cricketer, I am very fortunate that I get to travel the world and visit some really interesting places with different climates. Before a tour, obviously we do a lot of training to prepare ourselves for the cricket itself - technical, tactical, mental and physical - but there's other preparation to be done that maybe you wouldn't necessarily expect...

Before we went out to Australia for our Women's Ashes series (the biggest contest in cricket, between England and Australia) in January we needed to try to pre-acclimatise for the conditions that we would be met with - from training during an English winter to playing in a hot Perth summer! Fortunately, the National Cricket Performance Centre at Loughborough University, where we do the majority of our training, has advanced climate control facilities, and we trained for months ahead of the tour with the heating on full blast! It definitely made the training hard, but in reality nothing was ever going to fully prepare us for the conditions once we got out to Perth. We were playing in 47 degree heat at the WACA, and I'm pretty sure that the girls running drinks on for the four days probably felt like they did more work than the players on the field! Winning the Test match in Perth was an amazing achievement, and I'm sure part of it was down to how we'd prepared for the heat and handled it so well.

Jenny Gunn MBE ©Getty images for ECB Jenny Gunn MBE (Getty images for ECB)

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