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10 reasons you should exercise in the rain

Don't let the rain put you off your training regime! Helly Hansen brand ambassadors Matt Williamson and Jules Roberts, both highly successful ultra-marathon runners, outline the advantages that working out in the rain can bring...

  1. More intensity
    You can put in a more intense workout - your body will remain cooler in the rain so there will be much less risk of suffering from heat exhaustion, meaning you can push yourself further

  2. Staying cool in the rain helps you work harder
    A cool environment leads to a perception of less exertion than a hot setting, so you may actually feel more comfortable in the rain than on a dry sunny day

  3. Burn more calories
    Several studies have concluded that you use more energy and burn more calories when exercising in the rain, especially when the temperature drop

  4. You'll be quicker
    You may actually train faster - your focus will probably be on getting out of the rain and warming up with a hot drink on the sofa rather than on how far you've actually gone

  5. Work more muscles
    You exercise more muscles - rain usually creates surfaces that are slippery or more difficult to manoeuvre, which your body compensates for

  6. Bad weather focuses the mind
    All athletes need to be physically and mentally tough - training in bad weather is just another way to help build determination

  7. You'll have the tracks to yourself
    When it's wet, busy paths can suddenly become deserted offering much more space to train in

  8. It's great to practise performing in the rain
    The sun may not be shining on race day - fair weather athletes don't win races!

  9. You'll feel great
    There is something exhilarating and liberating about training in the rain - maybe it's the child inside me but nothing beats the feeling when you stop avoiding the puddles because you're already so wet!

  10. Train when noone else is!
    There is a certain satisfaction to finishing a work out in the rain knowing that a lot of others simply wouldn't have bothered.
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