Get ready for winter

Get ready for winter - Supported by E.ON

What to do in the garden in January and February

Winter gardening tips from Jim Jermyn, show manager of Gardening Scotland

     1. Prune and shape your shrubs, bushes, standard and fan-trained fruit trees. Start by removing any dead or diseased branches and create an open framework of strong, healthy branches. Cut out sections which rub against each other and reduce exceptionally long branches by a third. This will prevent damage during the winter months. Plum trees require little in the way of pruning but branches should be thinned.

    2. Plant winter bedding such as pansies and sweet peas - this creates lots of much appreciated colour in winter and early spring. I prefer to soak them and then sow a few seeds in deep cellular trays for ease of transplanting. Plant them so you can see them from indoors and make sure you plant them close together as they don't fill out as much as summer bedding.

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