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It's always walkies weather for dogs!

If you've ever owned a dog (or just met one!) you'll know that they absolutely love a good walk. Just spelling out the word can cause excitement levels to go through the roof! But did you know that as well as being vital for their physical health, daily walkies are also essential for their mental wellbeing? Vet Nurse Sarah Spinks explains...

Dogs are incredibly social animals and smell is a key form of communication. The sensory stimulation that a dog gets during a walk - sniffing, investigating and meeting other doggy friends, is hugely important for their quality of life.

The exercise they get during a walk is also essential to keeping them trim. You might also be surprised at just how much activity dogs need. For instance, a healthy adult Springer Spaniel requires two or more hours of exercise every day! Golden Retrievers can require around one and a half hours a day, and even smaller dogs like toy Poodles or small terriers can require around an hour.

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