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Tyres, boxes and breakfast - three tips to get ahead on the roads this summer

As schools break up and many thousands of families head off on holiday at the same time the roads are certain to be busy and queues difficult to avoid. Highways England gives some tips to help your holiday start smoothly.

So how can you get ahead of the queue and at least reduce the amount of time sitting in traffic at the start of your holiday? Getting an early start can sometimes be easier said than done - especially with children around.

1. Check your car's ready for the journey

Things like tyre pressures should always be checked before a long journey and you'll need a full tank of fuel too. These can be sorted a day early to save you time on the morning of departure.

A tyre blowout or running out of fuel on the motorway would certainly ruin the first day of your holiday.

A good memory jogger is the POWDER check. Petrol; Oil levels; Water. including the screen wash; Damage check; Electrics (are all the lights working) and Rubber (the tyres). Here's a more comprehensive list of checks to make before making a long journey.

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