There are practical steps you can take to support your community in preparing for winter weather.

  • View the latest weather warnings by visiting severe weather warnings, so that you and your community can plan how to best support those affected by bad weather
  • Does your community have an emergency plan or an emergency flood plan? Your local authority will be able to advise on this.
  • Sign up for free flood warnings by visiting the  Environment Agency website
  • Find out if there is a community flood group in your area or how to set one up by contacting the National Flood Forum.
  • Check on neighbours and relatives who are elderly or unwell and see if they need anything. This can be particularly important if the individual is unable to leave their home.
  • Keep up to date with local events and winter heath guidance from your local authorities and voluntary sector bodies.

Further information

The Snow Code provides advice on how to safely clear snow and ice from pavements and footpaths.

Visit Cabinet Office to find out more about how to develop your own community plan.

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