There are practical steps you can take to support your community in preparing for winter weather.

Winter weather can be beautiful, with clear blue skies and crisp snow. But in reality, we experience a whole range of severe weather that can have a major impact on communities. There are practical ways in which you can support your community in preparing this.
It may be that your community is in an area susceptible to flooding, so you might want to get involved in helping to prepare for, and respond to flooding. It's not just your home that may be impacted by flooding, it's also businesses, schools and community venues.

Snow and ice is likely to affect us all at some point over the winter. Not only can it severely impact travel plans, but it can also really affect access to your home and to community buildings. Members of your community who are elderly and less mobile can be particularly affected by snow and ice, so there are ways in which you can ensure they don't get isolated.

It's not just individuals that can be affected in severe weather, it's also businesses and people's livelihoods.  It may be a local farmer affected, or a small local business. Whether it's access to a building or site, or damage caused by weather, it still has an impact.

Keep up to date with the latest severe weather warnings so that you and your community can plan how to best support those affected by bad weather.

Last updated: 5 October 2016

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Protecting your home from winter weather