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Lake District: latest infra-red satellite

Thursday, 17 April 2014: dawn to dusk

Printable view Forecast issued: 1546 on Thursday, 17 April 2014

Overview for Friday

Dry with clear or sunny spells, but feeling colder when exposed to the northerly breeze.

Hazards Risk Explanation
Blizzards No Risk  
Heavy snow No Risk  
Storm force winds No Risk  
Gales No Risk  
Severe chill effect No Risk  
Persistent and extensive hill fog No Risk  
Thunderstorms No Risk  
Heavy persistent rain No Risk  
Strong Sunlight High Prolonged exposure to moderate or high levels of UV mean sun protection will be required.

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Weather summary and probability of precipitation for Friday
Dawn to 0900 0900 to 1200 1200 to 1500 1500 to dusk

0% 0% 0% 0%

Detailed mountain weather forecast: Lake District



Generally cold and clear overnight, but a dry and bright day with long sunny spells will follow. Warm in sheltered areas but it may well feel rather cold in the northerly breeze, this could be deceptive as the sun will be strong, so adequate skin protection and hydration is advisable, especially on south facing fells during early afternoon time.


Very good throughout.

Hill fog

Any scattered cloud will remain above the summits, with no hill fog expected.

Maximum winds above 500m

Northerly 15-20mph overnight, but easing, to become light later in the morning. Light northeasterly winds by midnight.


Valleys Plus 3 Celsius, rising to plus 13 Celsius, but falling back to plus 4 Celsius overnight.
900 m Temperatures around minus 2 Celsius early in the morning will rise to plus 6 Celsius, before falling back to plus 2 Celsius in the evening.
Freezing level Around 800-1000m at first, then falling to around 600m for a time early in the morning, but rising above the summits around midday.



Dry and clear with good long sunny spells. Increasing cloud is possible in the north and east of the park later in the day but there is a continuing risk of strong sunlight.


Generally very good, but perhaps falling to good at times later in the day.

Hill fog

Hill fog is not expected to affect any of the fells for most of the day, but there is a risk for occasional patches down to 700ft later in the east in the evening.

Maximum winds above 500m

Light northeasterly winds will strengthen through the day, becoming moderate easterlies later.


Valleys Plus 4 Celsius, rising to plus 15 Celsius. Falling to plus 3 Celsius overnight.
900 m Plus 2 Celsius, increasing to plus 7 Celsius in the afternoon, then falling back to plus 2 Celsius.
Freezing level Generally above the summits, but falling to reach the very tops towards midnight.



Another largely dry day, but it will be rather cloudier and a touch colder than previous days, especially in the south and east later in the evening where there is a risk for some light rain towards midnight. Moderate easterly winds strengthen and become northeasterly, perhaps approaching gale force on exposed summits later in the day. Freezing level at 800-1000m through the morning but rising above the summits.


Cloudy with early rain, but becoming mostly dry again, although some light rain is possible in the east at times as the weather becomes more unsettled. Strong northeasterly winds easing slightly and becoming southeasterly later on in the day. Freezing level well above the summits.


Cloudy at times, with occasional showery rain across the park and moderate to strong southeasterly winds. Freezing level above the summits.

Latest: 17/04/2014 14:48 Helvellyn summit at 15:43 Thursday 17 April Conditions haven't changed much recently. The majority of the fells are now snow-free, although some isolated patches of snow still remain above 800m. These patches are avoidable, in sheltered hollows and on north through to east facing aspects. Helvellyn, with its large east face, retains the greatest coverage of snow. Striding Edge is now free of snow but Swirral Edge has a short stepped section of snow which is avoidable. The milder temperatures have weakened the cornices and snow slopes that exist above some east facing slopes so it's best to keep away from the snow along such edges. Despite spring like weather in the valleys, summit temperatures were noticeably well below zero with the windchill and conditions can change quickly therefore walkers should be adequately equipped with warm clothing and waterproofs. Sun cream maybe useful currently due to high winds and sunshine.



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