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Lake District: latest visual satellite

Friday, 25 April 2014: dawn to dusk

Printable view Forecast issued: 0254 on Friday, 25 April 2014

Overview for Friday

Mainly dry with patchy low cloud and hill fog lifting to sunny spells. Becoming cloudier during the afternoon with some showery bursts of rain developing, along some patchy hill fog.

Hazards Risk Explanation
Blizzards No Risk  
Heavy snow No Risk  
Storm force winds No Risk  
Gales Medium Easterly winds strengthening in evening perhaps reaching gale on some higher slopes by midnight.
Severe chill effect No Risk  
Persistent and extensive hill fog Low Any fog patchy and mainly early morning and late afternoon and evening.
Thunderstorms No Risk  
Heavy persistent rain Low Risk over southern and eastern fells later in the afternoon in the evening.
Strong Sunlight Medium Sunburn risk in the early afternoon.

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Weather summary and probability of precipitation for Friday
Dawn to 0900 0900 to 1200 1200 to 1500 1500 to dusk
Sunny intervals
Sunny intervals
Light rain showers
Light rain showers
Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain
0% 0% 40% 60%

Detailed mountain weather forecast: Lake District



Any patchy low cloud will soon burn off in the morning then mainly dry with some bright or sunny spells especially across the western Fells. Cloud will increase in the afternoon with some showery outbreaks of rain developing later in the afternoon and in the evening, some heavy and more persistent especially over southern and eastern fells.


Mostly good though rather hazy especially in the east. Falling moderate locally poor in the rain.

Hill fog

Patchy down to 400m mainly in south and east lifting during morning. Then little during the main part of the day, very isolated patches above 700m. These becoming more widespread over the summits later in the afternoon and in the evening with a few patches to 450m developing in the east.

Maximum winds above 500m

Easterly 15-20mph, steadily increasing 30 gusts 50mph during the evening.


Valleys Around plus 7 Celsius in the morning, rising to plus 16 Celsius in the afternoon, but falling to plus 10 Celsius in the evening.
900 m Plus 4 Celsius rising to Plus 7 Celsius for a time in the afternoon.
Freezing level Above the summits.



Cloudy overnight with outbreaks of rain, heavy for a time. Rain will continue during the morning, with some drier breaks at times. Clearing in the afternoon with bright or sunny spells mainly across the west. Clear intervals in the evening.


Moderate to good at best, and rather hazy in the morning. Poor in any heavier bursts of rain.

Hill fog

Occasional patches above 700m mainly over the southern and eastern fells clearing later.

Maximum winds above 500m

Easterly 35 gusts 50mph overnight soon becoming southeast and slowly easing 25 gusts 35mph during the day.


Valleys No lower than Plus 9 Celsius overnight rising 15 Celsius in the afternoon and down to 8 Celsius by midnight.
900 m Around plus 5 Celsius.
Freezing level Above the summits.



Mainly dry but dry overnight, but soon some rain will affect the park by dawn, mainly focused on the eastern fells. Some brighter spells are expected across the west. Becoming drier in the evening, but still cloudy. Fresh easterly winds and freezing levels remaining above the summits.


Mainly dry with some bright or sunny spells after early morning mist or low cloud burns off. Mostly light winds with a moderate northeasterly on the summits which will remain above freezing.


After a dry start cloud will gradually thicken to allow some outbreaks of rain to develop. Light to moderate southerly winds with freezing levels above the summits.

Latest: 22/04/2014 11:13 End of our season at 11:16 Hi! We've now finished for the season. We hope you've found our reports helpful this winter. A big thanks to all our sponsors who help make this service possible, and for all your kind remarks on Twitter and in person out on the fells. Met Office forecasts will continue to appear on this website, so make sure you keep checking them. Have fun on the fells and see you again in December!



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