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Snowdonia mountain area forecast

Forecast issued: 1415 on Thursday, 24 July 2014

Overview for Friday

A dry and warm sunny day over the peaks with light winds.


High risk of Strong sunlight: Long sunny spells and moderate to high UV levels.

No risk of Blizzards; Heavy snow; Storm force winds; Gales; Severe chill effect; Persistent extensive hill fog; Thunderstorms; Heavy persistent rain;

Weather summary and probability of precipitation for Friday

Dawn to 0900 0% chance of precipitation
0900 to 1200 0% chance of precipitation
1200 to 1500 Sunny Sunny 0% chance of precipitation
1500 to dusk Sunny Sunny 0% chance of precipitation

Detailed mountain weather forecast



Some isolated valley mist is possible through the early hours, but will quickly burn off after dawn. Otherwise it will be a dry and sunny day for the range. Winds will be light easterly and temperatures will again be very warm, particularly when walking. There will also be a high risk of sunburn.


Excellent, moderate in any afternoon haze, poor in valley mist at first.

Hill fog


Maximum winds above 500m

Easterly 15-20 mph.


Valleys: Plus 14 Celsius increasing plus 27 Celsius.
900 m: Plus 17 Celsius.
Freezing level: Above the summits.



A dry, fine and generally sunny start to the day. There will be gradually increasing amounts of cloud throughout the day, with a low risk of some light patchy rain late in the day. Winds remaining generally light.


Good or excellent, moderate in any rain.

Hill fog

Nil, cloud bases are expected to remain above summit height.

Maximum winds above 500m

East becoming southwest 10-15 mph.


Valleys: Plus 13 Celsius increasing plus 23 Celsius.
900 m: Plus 15 Celsius.
Freezing level: Above the summits.



Cloudy with some bright or sunny spells at times. There will also be showery rain at times, lowering the cloud base to produce some hill fog. It will be breezier and feel less warm too.


Variable amounts of cloud and some sunny spells likely. There will also be some showery rain at times throughout the morning, becoming increasingly dry through the afternoon.


Generally dry and bright with some sunny spells likely at times. Winds easing from previous days and still feeling warm when out on the peaks.

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