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West Highlands mountain area forecast

Forecast issued: 0240 on Thursday, 17 April 2014

Overview for Thursday

Frequent showers, becoming isolated, though wintry, with the best of the sunshine in the south. Turning colder with north or northwesterly gales, severe on tops and a severe wind chill.


High risk of Gales: Throughout at higher levels and briefly to low levels in the north.

High risk of Severe chill effect: Colder air than of late with subzero summits and gales combining.

Medium risk of Strong sunlight: Sunny spells leading to sunburn risk, especially where snowcover.

Low risk of Storm force winds: Likely at highest levels until late afternoon.

Low risk of Thunderstorms: Outside chance over the far north of the area in the morning.

Low risk of Heavy persistent rain: Mainly over the Cuillin Range.

No risk of Blizzards; Heavy snow; Persistent extensive hill fog;

Weather summary and probability of precipitation for Thursday

Dawn to 0900 Heavy snow Heavy snow 40% chance of precipitation
0900 to 1200 Heavy snow showers Heavy snow showers 30% chance of precipitation
1200 to 1500 Sunny intervals Sunny intervals 20% chance of precipitation
1500 to dusk Sunny Sunny 10% chance of precipitation

Detailed mountain weather forecast



Showers this morning morning and turning to snow on the Munro tops. The outside chance of thunder over the Sutherland Hills, then much brighter, especially in the south where the rest of the day should be mainly sunny, though any showers in the north will turn to snow down to 600m. The north will become dry too in the evening,


Mostly good though poor in heavier showers in the morning. Improving very good in the south with almost unlimited views of distant peaks.

Hill fog

Occasional to 500m and widespread above 750m at first this morning. Then becoming patchy mainly in showers and above 750-900m.

Maximum winds above 600m

Westerly 50 gusts 75mph veering north to northwest during the morning, easing 35 gusts 45mph later in the afternoon and 25mph by midnight.


Glens: Plus 5 Celsius rising to 9 Celsius in the north and 12 in the south in the early afternoon, falling to 2 Celsius by midnight.
900 m: Plus 3 Celsius in early hours falling to 0 Celsius in the day and Minus 2 in the evening.
Freezing level: Above summits in early hours falling 900m during the morning and 750m in the late afternoon and evening.



A fine dry day with some clear or sunny spells.


A few mist or freezing fog patches around dawn otherwise very good to excellent.

Hill fog

None expected.

Maximum winds above 600m

Northwest becoming southwest 10-15mph.


Glens: Minus 2 Celsius rising to Plus 14 Celsius.
900 m: Minus 2 Celsius rising to 5 Celsius in the afternoon.
Freezing level: 600m rising to 1200m, perhaps briefly above summits in the afternoon.



Another dry day with some clear or sunny spells though cloudier over the far Northwest Highlands. Rain currently expected to stay offshore over the Outer Hebrides but not too far away. Moderate southeasterly winds, a stronger southwesterly in the far northwest. Visibility good though perhaps a little hazier than Friday. Freezing levels 900m at night though rising above summits in sunshine.


Another dry day with some clear or sunny spells. Strengthening northeasterly winds. Freezing levels 900m at night though rising above summits in sunshine.


Cloudier with outbreaks of rain in the east and strong to gale easterly winds. Snow on the higher summits. Drier across much of the west.

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