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Yorkshire Dales: latest visual satellite

Friday, 19 September 2014: dawn to dusk

Printable view Forecast issued: 0408 on Friday, 19 September 2014

Overview for Friday

Extensive hill fog and patchy drizzle at first gradually lifting and breaking from mid-morning onwards. Generally dry for the latter part of the day.

Hazards Risk Explanation
Blizzards No Risk  
Heavy snow No Risk  
Storm force winds No Risk  
Gales No Risk  
Severe chill effect No Risk  
Persistent and extensive hill fog High Extensive above 200m to mid-morning, then gradually lifting and breaking.
Thunderstorms No Risk  
Heavy persistent rain No Risk  
Strong Sunlight Low Sunny spells developing by afternoon with a risk of sunburn in prolonged exposure.

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Weather summary and probability of precipitation for Friday
Dawn to 0900 0900 to 1200 1200 to 1500 1500 to dusk
Sunny intervals
Sunny intervals
Sunny intervals
Sunny intervals
30% 0% 0% 0%

Detailed mountain weather forecast: Yorkshire Dales



Overcast with extensive hill fog and some drizzle. For western areas, the low cloud will thin and lift with some hazy sunny spells possible. Further east, though, although brightening up, it is likely to stay rather cloudy. Cloud will thicken up again during the evening, lowering onto hills again, especially in the east.


Poor or very poor in mist and hill fog, becoming moderate or good this afternoon.

Hill fog

Broken to overcast above 200 to 300m in the early hours and at first during the day, lifting through the morning then mostly above the hills by evening.

Maximum winds above 400m

Easterly or Northeasterly 15 to 20 mph at first.


Valleys Plus 11 becoming plus 19 Celsius.
700 m Plus 14 Celsius.
Freezing level Well above the peaks.



Another cloudy, misty start with quite extensive hill fog. Through the morning, the cloud will slowly thin and lift, especially in western areas, with some sunny spells possible for a time. However, later in the day, cloud is expected to thicken up again bringing outbreaks of rain, this perhaps heavy for a time in the evening. Feeling fresher than of late, with temperatures falling over the peaks.


Poor or very poor in mist and hill fog, becoming moderate to poor in rain. Improving later to good, perhaps very good by evening.

Hill fog

Broken bases 300 to 400 meters at first and in any persistent rain. Improving gradually through the afternoon, but patches above 600 metres, then more broken above 400 metres in the evening.

Maximum winds above 400m

Easterly or Northeasterly 20-25mph over the peaks at first.


Valleys Plus 11 becoming plus 19 Celsius.
700 m Plus 14 Celsius falling to 08 Celsius by evening.
Freezing level Well above the peaks.



A dry day with much improved visibility and cloud bases compared to recent days. A much fresher feel, too, especially first thing. Winds will be light.


Another dry day with light winds and lengthy clear or sunny spells. Again, it will be chilly early on and late in the day, but will feel pleasantly warm by afternoon in any sunshine.


The theme of dry weather should last through most of Tuesday, although there is a chance of some thicker cloud, freshening winds and outbreaks of rain edging in from the northwest.


Altitude 375 metres

Rainfall measured at 03:00 Friday, 19 September 2014

  • Last 24 hours 0.0 mm
  • Last 48 hours 0.0 mm
  • Last 72 hours 0.0 mm

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