Marine law and insurance

Resolve your marine dispute quickly and accurately with our expert weather assessments.

Everyone knows that weather at sea can be volatile - putting vessels, cargo and people at risk. However, being able to make accurate assessments about past events at specific times and global locations requires a great deal of expertise and accuracy. Whether you are investigating a shipping-related delay, loss or damage, we have the information and knowledge to help give you the evidence you need.

Authoritative guidance

We are able to provide authoritative, impartial guidance on marine environmental conditions worldwide. Whether they refer to a particular location, perhaps a port, or a particular route, we can answer your weather-related questions. Guidance is available in a range of formats, from a high-quality written report to an expert witness testimony in court or arbitration hearings. Our impressive track record of involvement with high-profile cases and our vast archive of quality-controlled global data, ensure that you will receive the best possible advice.

Our clients:

  • Shipping law firms - both dry and wet practices
  • Protection and indemnity clubs
  • Insurers
  • Naval architects
  • Marine surveyors
  • Ship owners

Our experience:

  • Ship loss or collision
  • Heavy weather damage
  • Personal injury
  • Vessel performance
  • Cargo damage and loss
  • Vessel loss and delay
  • Vessel damage

Our solutions provide detailed information on how we can help you resolve your marine dispute quickly and accurately with our expert weather assessments.

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Last updated: 25 April 2016

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A good friend of mine called to ask who I would recommend to provide a weather assessment to settle a dispute. I put him straight on to the Met Office, who have previously done a very good and thorough job for me. I found them to be better and more accurate than other weather suppliers for such a task.

Nic Paines, Newman Giles and Co. Ltd