Offshore renewables

The Met Office has decades of experience working with energy companies in the UK and across the globe in both offshore and onshore renewable energy projects.

Offshore turbines

As the industry grows, we can work in partnership to provide tailored solutions to the challenges ahead and help reduce risks with our expert advice during planning, construction and operations.

We can help you throughout the lifecycle of your renewables projects, to help optimise return on investment.

Site selection

For the early stages of site selection, we can help recognise weather trends by:

  • analysing historic/hindcast data on site-specific locations to determine their suitability.
  • deploying buoys to capture real-time wind and wave measurements offshore.
  • estimating of wind resource to help determine economic viability.
  • providing metocean information to enhance engineering design.

Supporting your operations

Project planningConstructionExploration and productionDecommissioning
Facility design, operational and maintenance schedule planningDetailed site investigation, surveysSubsea e.g. foundations, trenching, diving, pipe layingFloaters e.g. heavy lifts, crane bargesMaterial and personnel transfer e.g. helicopter or vesselSubsea e.g. diving, ROVFixed platforms e.g. routine maintenance, over-the-side workFloaters semi-submersibles, FPSOs support vesselsDrilling operationsHeavy lifts, diving, rig tow
Five day ahead site specific forecast (tab and graph)YYYYYYYYY
Forecaster deploymentYYYYY
14 day ahead probability forecastYYYYY
Spectral wave dataYYY
Current/tidal forecastsYYYYYY
Tow/move forecastsYYYYYYY
Warning servicesYYYYYYYY
Real-time forecastsYYYY1YYY
Forecaster briefingsYYYYYYYY

1 Vessel only

Further information on our marine solutions  for the offshore renewables industry.

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Last updated: 17 December 2013