Ports and ferries

Our forecasts can help you plan ahead for what the weather has in store, helping to reduce its impact on operations, resource and cargo.

Ports and harbours are busy places where scheduling and timings are crucial. The weather can cause logistical and financial disruption, as well as impact customer satisfaction.

Comfort of ferry passengers, safe delivery of cargo, and arrival and departure times can all be affected by the weather. With our expert forecasts, you can monitor and assess the risk of wind, wave, visibility and temperatures. This will help you make operational decisions and identify optimum voyage times, ensuring safety of passengers and cargo and minimising any unnecessary costs.

Services we offer:

  • Hourly weather updates on Safesee (our online weather portal).
  • Site-specific text and tab and graph forecasts giving a detailed picture of the weather conditions in your port/harbour and on-route.
  • Warnings for severe weather conditions.
  • Surge forecasts giving a detailed picture of the wave swell.

Further details on our available solutions for the ports and ferries sector. For more information on how our marine forecasts can help your operations, call 01392 885680 or +44 01224 629805 for international enquiries.

You can also email us on marine@metoffice.gov.uk.

Last updated: 4 August 2014

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