Specialist offshore forecasting with Safesee™

Online worldwide weather information at your fingertips with Safesee™

Global weather information via Safesee

Designed specifically for the marine and offshore industries, Safesee™ is our web-based forecast delivery system that makes weather information easier to interpret and aids operational decision making.

Improve your operations

Safesee™ enables you to visualise weather elements over your operating sites anywhere in the world, helping you make the best decisions essential in the safe and efficient planning of day-to-day marine and weather sensitive operations.

Collaborating with our customers has helped upgrade the Safesee™ website to target the areas that are most important to them by:

  • Reducing exposure to risk with accurate and reliable weather information.
  • Optimising resource planning and decreasing costs.
  • Protecting people and assets by minimising health and safety risks.
  • Improving operations and maintenance planning.
  • Making the best use of available weather windows.

Safesee features

Information at your

Convenient, speedy and easy access to online meteorological and metocean information around the clock. A streamline version and alternative desktop version are available for customers with broadband issues or those only requiring access to basic service.

More intuitive system

Recognising the user on log in, with functionality to remember preferences, saving time and effort.

Site specific forecast

Key marine criteria - weather and wave - presented in text and graphical formats, enabling quick identification of weather windows via the web.

Customise your view

Set thresholds for weather criteria. Presented in tabular format on the overview page for identification of complete weather situation out to five days.

Improved visualisation

Bring the weather to life; with the elements of wind, rain, wave and current (observations and forecast) animating through time.

Improved observation

Safesee™ has the capability to display data from customer observations (e.g. buoys), offering a more comprehensive picture of marine conditions.

Global map view

Visualise weather elements over your operating sites anywhere in the world. A 'hover-over' summary shows what the forecast conditions are expected to be compared to their operating thresholds up to five days ahead.

Super user functionality

Customers can administer features of the system for example, set thresholds, display local time or link to our other services. This gives them greater control over how they use Safesee™.

Improved aviation

Aviation forecasts helping you with the logistics of your operations. View information from Volcanic Ash Advisories, low level significant weather charts for UK and Europe and Terminal Aerdrome Forecast (TAFs) or METARS for each airport.

See for yourself how Safesee™ can improve your operations - download the datasheet from the downloads list on the right. To discuss Safesee™ further, please e-mail us or contact our 24-hour Customer Centre .

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Last updated: 7 July 2014