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Lake District

Weather hazards over 300m on Thu 30 Mar 2017

High risk

Gusts close to 50mph over higher aspects.
Persistent extensive hill fog
Especially across western fells.

Medium risk

Heavy persistent rain
Most likely in west in afternoon

Low risk

Severe chill effect
Despite quite mild temperatures strong winds and rain some bring a chill effect.

No risk

Heavy snow
Storm force winds
Strong sunlight

Thu 30 Mar 2017

Cloudy with outbreaks of mostly light rain overnight. Then remaining rather cloudy through the day with spells of rain, with some heavier and more persistent spells developing during the afternoon, and remaining rather cloudy and wet through the evening. The main focus of the rain will be in the south and west of the park, with the best chance of drier, and possibly brighter, conditions in the northeast.

0000 to 0300 0300 to 0600 0600 to 0900 0900 to 1200 1200 to 1500 1500 to 1800 1800 to 2100 2100 to 2400
Cloudy Cloudy Light rain Light rain Heavy rain Heavy rain Light rain Light rain
Precipitation probability
30% 30% 60% 50-70% 50-70% 50-70% 50-70% 30-50%


Rather poor in general, particularly in the southwest, but some improvements in the northeast.

Hill Fog

Generally extensive fog above 500m but down to 300m over western fells. Lifting to between 600 and 800m across northeastern hills, and then more widely later.

Max wind above 500m

Southwesterly 30-35mph gusts 45-50mph.


Plus 7 Celsius rising to 13 Celsius.
Plus 6 Celsius.
Freezing level:
Above the summits.

Ground conditions

Latest: 29/03/2017 16:37 Fell Top Assessor's report Wednesday 29 March, Helvellyn summit at 12:30. A very wet day in Lakeland with rain falling at all levels on Helvellyn. There is hardly any snow below 650m, and the thawing conditions today didn't help this situation. Even above 650m, large areas of the fells up to and including summit level are now free from snow. That said, there are significant patches of snow remaining above 750m, and it varies enormously in terms of consolidation and depth. Where the snowpack has been undisturbed by the passage of boots, today it was soft, very wet and still relatively deep in sheltered hollows and where it has drifted. On Paths, where the snow has been compacted, however, there are patches of harder snow and ice making conditions more treacherous, especially where the ground is steep. Today on the Brown Cove Crags route, on the "easy" way up Helvellyn from Swirls, there was still an area of unavoidable hard snow on a convex slope that is difficult to cross safely without an ice axe. Today Swirral and Striding Edges were almost free of snow on their exits, but on both ridges the snow that does remain was hard and icy in places. An ice axe is essential on both ridges for this reason. The main challenge today was navigation in the very poor visibility. With a cloud base varying between 200m and 500m, and with very heavy rain at times, visibility was often reduced to around 20m. Good map and compass skills are essential for finding the way in such conditions. Given the windchill was well below zero today, combined with the heavy rain, full waterproofs and lots of warmth layers were needed in order to remain cheerful. A hat and gloves are essential, and plenty of food and a hot drink should also be taken. An ice axe will be found useful by anyone crossing banks of steep, icy snow. Temperature: plus 4.2 C, Maximum wind speed 34.2 mph, Wind chill: minus 5.9 C, Average wind speed: 19.8 mph.

Fri 31 Mar 2017

Cloudy during the overnight period and morning with further spells of rain, perhaps heavy for a time at first. This combined with strong to gale force winds bring some difficult conditions during the morning. Then improving conditions likely during the afternoon with some bright or sunny spells to end the day and lighter winds, albeit a littler cooler.


Often poor at first then gradually improving through the day, with some good clarity developing during the afternoon and evening.

Hill Fog

Occasional above 650m with some patches down to 400m at first. Then lifting and breaking to only occasional patches around the summits later in the day.

Max wind above 500m

South or southeast 35-40mph with gusts 50-55mph, possibly 60mph for a time. Then becoming southwesterly 30mph with gusts 40-45mph


Plus 5 Celsius rising to plus 13 Celsius.
Plus 7 Celsius falling to plus 3 Celsius later.
Freezing level:
Above the summits.

Sat 01 Apr 2017

Sunshine and scattered showers. Showers will become heavy and possibly thundery with a risk of hail, these then dying away later in the day. Fresh southwest then northwest winds across the summits as freezing levels slowly lower to just above the summits.

Sun 02 Apr 2017

A ridge of high pressure will bring dry, settled weather to all climbing areas with some sunshine. Thicker cloud and light rain may edge into Skye and Torridon later in the day. A mild day with southwesterly winds strengthening across the tops during the afternoon and evening.

Mon 03 Apr 2017

A windy day with widespread gales across the hills. Thicker cloud and periods of rain will spread from the west during the day, heavier and more persistent across western ranges, some shelter offered to the east. Then scope for some brighter, fresher but showery conditions spreading in later in the day.

Issued at: 1751 on Wed 29 Mar 2017