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Forecast summary

Regional forecast for East Midlands

A mostly fine and dry day.


Mainly fine with sunny spells and lighter winds. This sunshine becoming hazier later on, with cloud thickening and winds strengthening. Winds strongest during the evening near coasts. Maximum Temperature 18C.


Rain turning persistent and heavy and accompanied by strong winds. Rain turning lighter and more showery by the end of the night, with winds easing a little. Minimum Temperature 7C.


Turning mainly dry for many places with bright or sunny spells. A few blustery showers are expected, these mainly in the morning. Winds will be noticeably strong and gusty. Maximum Temperature 16C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Bright but very windy midweek, with sunny spells and scattered heavy showers. Turning drier with sunny spells by Friday.

Updated at: 0427 on Mon 04 May 2015

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Drier and brighter today. Turning wet from the south tonight.


A largely fine and dry day with plenty of sunny spells. Heavy rain across Scotland will clear northeastwards and some showers will linger across Northern Ireland. Cloud will thicken in southern England, with occasional rain later.


The rain will track north with heavy pulses, affecting all parts, getting to the south of Scotland by dawn. With thick cloud and heavy rain it will be mild though.


The rain band will slow across northern Scotland with sunny spells developing elsewhere. Winds will strengthen from the south with a risk of gales and some blustery showers.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Windy with heavy, possibly thundery showers on Wednesday. Thursday will be drier with fewer showers, and light rain will move into the far north and south Friday.

Updated at: 0431 on Mon 04 May 2015

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Friday 8 May 2015 to Sunday 17 May 2015:

A few showers in the north at first on Friday, these soon dying away leaving a dry and settled day for most, however thicker cloud and some outbreaks of rain are expected in the far southwest later, this probably spreading north on Saturday, perhaps bringing some rain to northwestern parts, with more settled weather developing in the south and east. It may become unsettled again in the north the following week with occasional outbreaks of rain, and strong winds. Drier, brighter conditions are expected further south, although there is considerable uncertainty regarding the extent of these conditions at present. Temperatures will likely be average for most areas, perhaps slightly above in the southeast, although temperatures in the north should be below average at first, giving a risk of overnight frost.

UK Outlook for Monday 18 May 2015 to Monday 1 Jun 2015:

Overall conditions will be fairly mixed during this period, with most areas experiencing spells of fine and bright weather interspersed with more changeable conditions. The most unsettled conditions are likely to be across northern and northwestern areas at first. The best of the settled weather being more likely in the in the south and southeast. Towards the end of the month drier conditions may become more prevalent across northern areas. Temperatures are likely to be near average for most areas, with spells of more settled weather likely to be accompanied by higher daytime temperatures, especially in the south at first. Some chilly evenings are also likely, perhaps with isolated overnight frost, most likely in rural northern areas.

Updated at: 1321 on Sun 03 May 2015