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Forecast summary

Regional forecast for Northern Ireland

Sunny spells and wintry showers today, windy.


Sunny intervals and wintry showers, most frequent in the north and west, merging into longer spells of sleet or snow at times, but accumulations mainly over the higher ground. Sheltered eastern parts will see the best of the sunshine. Windy. Maximum Temperature 5C.


Some clear spells, but also wintry showers, heaviest and most frequent in the west, with moderate falls of snow likely to lower levels. Strengthening southwesterly winds. Minimum Temperature -2C.


Sunny intervals and wintry showers, merging into longer spells of sleet or snow for a time, with accumulations over the higher ground, and to lower levels at first. Windy. Maximum Temperature 6C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Mainly dry and bright on Wednesday, then rain spreading southeast across all parts on Thursday, brighter later. Further rain on Friday, with strong southwesterly winds. Turning milder.

Updated at: 0231 on Mon 02 Mar 2015

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Sunny spells and some wintry showers, snow over hills. Windy.


Windy today, and feeling cold, with a mixture of showers and sunny spells. Showers will be heaviest and most frequent in the north and west, turning wintry to some low levels but with snow accumulations confined to hills.


Wintry showers continue this evening and overnight, with sleet and snow settling to increasingly low levels in parts of the north. Clear spells will lead to some icy stretches.


Cold and windy with sunny intervals and further wintry showers. Some early snow to low levels in the north, but this becoming increasingly confined to hills. Windy with local gales.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Turning drier and less windy through Wednesday, and frosty overnight. Cloudier and milder conditions with some rain spreading southeastwards Thursday and Friday, though staying brighter in southeast. Freshening winds Friday.

Updated at: 0311 on Mon 02 Mar 2015

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Friday 6 Mar 2015 to Sunday 15 Mar 2015:

A lot of dry weather during Friday but cloudier conditions and occasional rain in some southern areas may spread north again later, especially across western and northwestern areas. Into the weekend, a northwest/southeast split is expected, with wetter and windier weather in the northwest , especially northwest Scotland, where gales and heavy rain may occur. Drier, brighter conditions more likely in the southeast. Becoming mild across the country and very mild in parts of the south and east. After the weekend, there looks to be a change to more settled weather even across the north at times. Occasional weather systems will bring cloudier interludes with rain, most likely in the north and west. Uncertainty with temperatures, but likely to be slightly above average by day, but with some cold nights.

UK Outlook for Monday 16 Mar 2015 to Monday 30 Mar 2015:

In the second half of March it looks probable that pressure will remain higher than average across the whole of the UK at first, before possibly weakening and becoming more focussed towards the south of the UK by the end of the period. This would bring generally drier conditions, but it is likely that there could be some cloud at times, with some occasional rain or showers particularly across the north. However, the chance of any prolonged wet and windy weather is fairly small. Temperatures will most likely be close to average, perhaps slightly below in the south but some colder nights are possible with the risk of frost, mist and fog in places.

Updated at: 1246 on Sun 01 Mar 2015