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Yellow warning There are warnings of rain in the next 5 days for United Kingdom

United Kingdom

07:59 on Saturday, 4 July 2015

Rain warning of yellow

Yellow warning of rain

Be aware

Valid from 19:00 on Friday until 12:00 on Saturday

Isolated heavy, and possibly severe, thunderstorms are expected to develop on Friday evening across parts of southern and southwest England. These are likely to become more frequent later and spread northwards across Wales, the Midlands and northern England overnight, and into southern Scotland by the early hours of Saturday. Some torrential downpours are possible leading to localised surface water flooding, with hail, frequent lightning and squally winds also likely hazards. The public should be aware that there is a chance of some very localised significant disruption. This is an update to the warning to extend the yellow area across southern Scotland and elevate the position in the risk matrix. This will be kept under review and further updates are possible closer to, and during, the event.

Chief Forecaster's assessment

On Friday evening another hot and increasingly humid airmass is expected to spread northwards from the continent. This airmass looks conducive to the development of isolated thunderstorms during the evening across southern and southwest England which are likely to become more frequent overnight as they spread northwards towards Scotland. With large amounts of energy again available in this atmosphere storms could be severe, with torrential downpours, hail and squally gusts of wind. 30 mm of rain is possible in less than an hour, with as much as 50 mm possible in 3 hours very locally. Large uncertainty remains regarding areas most at risk from storms, and many areas will miss these altogether, staying largely dry. However, where they do develop, disruption is possible. The most likely area for disruption is considered to be Wales, parts of the Midlands and northern (especially northwest) England, but a lesser risk extends around the periphery of this region.

The public is advised to take extra care, further information and advice can be found here:

Issued at:
02:53 on Thursday, 2 July 2015
Last modified at:
11:32 on Friday, 3 July 2015
Valid from:
19:00 on Friday, 3 July 2015
Valid until:
12:00 on Saturday, 4 July 2015
Regions affected:

07:59 on Sunday, 5 July 2015

There are no warnings for United Kingdom on the 05 July 2015

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