St James' Park weather

Newcastle United's 52,000 seat stadium home ground will host a total of nine matches, including a quarter-final in both the men's and women's competitions between 26 July and 4 August.

Events at St James' Park: football

Historical records from local observation sites show that temperatures for Newcastle in July and August can rise to the high teens. On average there are around five hours of sunshine per day.

Winds are generally westerly and can give quite a breeze as the stadium is downwind of the north Pennines.

30 year average data

St James' Park weather

Wind rose data

The circle below represents the direction the wind was blowing over July, August and September over a 10 year average from 2001-2011. The segments count the percentage of hours in the day where the wind was blowing from that direction.

St James' Park wind

Last updated: 18 April 2016

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