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The PRECIS Regional Climate Modelling System

Providing REgional Climates for Impacts Studies

PRECIS is developed at the Met Office Hadley Centre, is a regional climate modelling system designed to run on a Linux based PC and can be easily applied to any area of the globe to generate detailed climate change projections.

An Introduction to the PRECIS system

An Introduction to the PRECIS system PRECIS is based on the Met Office Hadley Centre's regional climate modelling system and works on a Linux based PC.


PRECIS News The latest news about PRECIS workshops and other PRECIS activities and events.

Obtaining PRECIS

Obtaining PRECIS Information on obtaining PRECIS by attending a workshop and obtaining PRECIS boundary data.

PRECIS User Support

PRECIS User Support To provide users with hints and tips on setting up and running PRECIS experiments.

PRECIS Workshops

PRECIS Workshops Workshops are held worldwide and provide scientific and technical training necessary to use PRECIS.


QUMP with PRECIS Using the QUMP ensemble with PRECIS and Requesting Boundary data for HadCM3Q0-16


PRECIS Links News, projects and publications about PRECIS.

PRECIS Tutorials

PRECIS Tutorials Worksheets using the PP utilities from recent workshops.
Last Updated: 20 June 2011