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The Monitor PRECIS window
The Monitor PRECIS window

Obtaining PRECIS

Information on obtaining PRECIS by attending a workshop and obtaining PRECIS boundary data.

The PRECIS system is supplied on a DVD which includes:

  • Installation software
  • Model executables, control code and source code
  • Ancillary files and sets of initial conditions for model runs
  • Three years worth of sample boundary data (additional data will be supplied on request)
  • Documentation

The PRECIS DVD will be supplied to institutions free of charge (subject to the terms of the PRECIS licence agreement) by the Met Office Hadley Centre PRECIS workshop. As well as giving users practice in setting up and running experiments, the workshop ensures that users are aware of the limitations and uncertainties associated with climate modelling systems such as PRECIS.

In keeping with the objectives behind the development of PRECIS, priority will be given to training users in developing countries, providing funding can be found to deliver the courses. We take a developing country to be any country not included in Annex II to the UNFCCC. A developed country is any country which is not a developing country.

We envisage training users in groups consisting of scientists from different countries within a region. This is not only efficient but also promotes collaboration between countries. Regional model domains typically cover several countries and the work of running the model can be shared.

Users from institutions in developed countries will be assessed a charge of about 5000 Euros plus VAT. This charge contributes to the costs of development and providing training. For more information please e-mail precis.

If you are from a UNFCCC classed Annex I nation and don't have the funds to pay the development charge, send us an email as it may be that an institution in your area has already made use of PRECIS and would be willing to share the output data from their PRECIS runs with you. In this way you can obtain the data you need to carry out an impacts study without being subject to any development charge.

Obtaining boundary data to drive PRECIS

PRECIS requires boundary data to create lateral boundary conditions. Sample boundary data is included with the PRECIS DVD, but in order to fully utilise PRECIS a user will need further boundary data.

Boundary data from the following experiments are currently available:

  • A three-member ensemble of control experiments (1960-1990)
  • A three-member ensemble of SRES A2 scenario experiments (2070-2100)
  • A single SRES B2 scenario experiment (2070-2100)
  • ECMWF ERA-15 reanalysis experiment (1979-1993)
  • ECMWF ERA-40 reanalysis experiment (1957-2001), analysis data to 2005
  • NCEP R2 reanalysis experiment (1979-2004)
  • ECHAM4 A2 and B2 scenario experiments (1960-2100)
  • ECHAM5 A1B scenario experiments (1950-2100)
  • A seventeen member ensembles of perturbed GCMs from the HadCM3 QUMP project (1950-2099)

Boundary data consists of large files which can be anywhere from 1/4 to 1 GB each month. As such the full datasets for all available experiments can be large - much too large to download. The preferred method of delivery boundary data is for the user to be shipped the boundary data on an IDE hard drive. The user will need to know or have access to someone who knows how to install a new hard drive in a computer system and mount the hard drive under Linux. Users from countries classed as developed nations by the UNFCCC will be required to pay for the hard drive we send. All other users receive the hard drive and boundary data free.

Last Updated: 30 July 2013